For Buyers

Hopefully you have found your way to Maxwell-Baynes [M-B] via a referral and have an idea of our value from a former client. If that is not the case, we want you to feel comfortable with the value that we bring in exchange for the fees we earn. We feel our greatest value comes from our skill in bringing Buyers’ and Sellers’ differing goals together to complete a successful transaction.

Different business model

Rarely do our international clients understand how the French agency system works. We see an inherent conflict of interest in the traditional business model of French Estate Agency which compromises the service and choices that an individual agent offers a buyer. Maxwell-Baynes is structured so that there is no incentive for one M-B agent to present their listings or properties over those taken on by their M-B colleagues. As a team our incentive therefore is to ensure that the buyer gets the widest possible choice and outstanding service from the whole team. Professional ethics for estate agency in France is an M-B priority.

Prequalifying charming property

Putting ourselves in your shoes we would want to maximize our return on every minute employed in the searching process. To these ends we prequalify properties that we take on our books so that they fit what you are looking for. This is not a price criterion it is based on charm, character and location underwriting our selection in each price bracket.

Your link to local knowledge

We are all pretty easy going types that enjoy people which has the benefit of making us very well connected in our local community. We are an important source of information to a serious buyer. As you know, buying a home is a big investment decision, so local market information especially price and location criteria are essential. We spend everyday in this market listening and learning about the things that we can talk to you about; what is wise and what maybe not so wise.


Being intimate with our community gives us an understanding of the local area and the people who get things done. This makes a big difference to those of you who are moving from outside the country. Over many years we have put together a list of recommended professionals and services that help our clients settle into their new home and French lifestyle. You may need; banking, notaires, lawyers, accountants, surveyors, inspectors, architects, key holders, property managers, concierge services, contractors and possibly wine and other property experts. We can recommend excellent tried and trusted professionals in these and other fields of expertise.

Americans buying real estate in France

We are competent professionals and while we have plenty of qualifications including our own (and rare for a non-French nationals) Carte Professionnelle, it is the years of hands on property, investment and business experience that you will be looking for as Buyers. Of importance to our clients from the USA is the fact that we have US citizens in our midst and a full US Brokers license. As fully qualified members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) we are one of the only US Realtors in the whole of France. We can navigate you through the process here and, with our working understanding of the US system, we can to bridge the gaps as you make your purchase and learn the ropes. Some of you will be fluent in the French language already, but for those that need some help we have a range of bilingual professional support services that we can connect you with as you settle in.

Geographic focus

More than 80% of our properties are located within 60 minutes’ drive of each of our offices.


Depending on the size of property or the work involved our fees are always competitive.