A Note from the Partners

Thank you for pausing to read about our luxury real estate service. A lot of thought has been put into this note in the hope that it will tell you a bit about us as an organization. It could also help with your decision as to whether Maxwell-Baynes Residences is a good fit for you, or indeed whether you even need a service such as ours.

Founded in 2008 by Karin Maxwell, Doug Storrie (now retired) and Michael Baynes, Maxwell-Baynes is not seeking to be just another Agency. Our model is different to traditional French agencies in an effort to be focused on clients. We do this by removing conflicts of interest that are systemic within French agency. Our commitment to you is to provide a service with professional ethics (underwritten by both qualifications and reputation) placed at the forefront of our behavior. Since 2010 we have been proud to represent the esteemed name of Christie’s as their affiliate for South West France; this is not a franchise but rather an “invitation-only” affiliation for agencies considered as market leaders in the luxury real estate sector. Equally we were thrilled to have been invited as the 18th member of the exclusive European Real Estate Network (EREN) that counts among its members the creme de la creme of European real estate leaders. Most unusually we have also been invited to act as preferred agents to Savills International as well as Knight Frank – both significant endorsements in of themselves. But finally it is your satisfaction and willingness to refer us to others will be our measure of success.

A quality that we admire in others is a willingness to take responsibility for their actions. Accountability therefore is important to us and it is why we have intentionally put our names on the business to be available and visible to both our clients and our community.

So, why are we your best choice?

– We love what we do and the place that we do it.

– We are very focused and offer a niche-boutique service for beautiful properties in the city of Bordeaux and surrounding regions of South West France.

– We love wine and wine properties.

– We care what you think of us.

– We believe that good agency is good advice.

– We understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality that many of our clients demand.

– We prequalify our inventory because we have learnt what you like.

– We have earned top real estate qualifications from France (Carte Professionnelle), the US (Broker/Realtor) and the UK (M.R.I.C.S).

– We intentionally practice at being good listeners and we ask good questions.

– You will never wait more than a day for a return call or email.

– We are over 50 years of age, we understand business and are skillful negotiators holding deals together that otherwise might not make it to a successful conclusion.

– We enjoy property, people and bringing them together.

– We take marketing very seriously and carefully research what works and what is a waste of time and money.

– We think good photography is a non-negotiable in real estate agency and so we regularly engage a professional photographer to take outstanding photos and video of M-B clients’ homes.

– As partners we are a true partnership team. We share all the costs and commissions equally so you always get all of us and all of our properties. Each of us are equally here to help you

– Each territory we cover has only one agent in it – this ensures that there is no internal conflict of interests within M-B getting in the way of client service.

– We believe in showing up on time; doing what we say; finishing what we start; and saying please and thank you.

– We like what Albert Einstein said: “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Compassion International is the Maxwell-Baynes preferred charity. Learn more here.